Christy McNicol takes you on a musical journey of her life. Thirty years of spectacular entertainment is highlighted into a fun filled evening of first class cabaret entertainment.

Born and raised in Sydney, like most other transsexuals Christy new she was different from a very young age. Christy was always fascinated by the world of entertainment and by age fifteen in 1982 she was dared by a group of friends to enter a talent quest in Sydney's Oxford Street. Taking out first prize and catching the eye of Australia's Queen Of Queens "Carlotta" Christy was invited to perform in "The World Famous, Kings Cross Les Girls".

While enjoying a few years in the "Les Girls" stage show, Christy was asked to go on a Australian Casino Tour with the prestigous Five Time "Mo Award" winning" Simone and Monique's Playgirl Revue". Touring for several years Christy decided to leave revue and headed for Europe as a solo "Fire-Eater" Her act took her to Amsterdam, Athen's, Barcenlona,Dublin,London, Paris,Rome and Scotland, while in Paris Christy was asked to do a few runway shows which gained her popularirty within the fashion industry.

Returning to Australia Christy started producing male strip revue's that performed mostly between the Sydney/Brisbane nightclub scene. This show played to celebrities such as, Madonna, Robin Williams and Jerry Hall while they were in town visiting. At the opening of Sydney's "Planet Hollywood" Christy was introduced to "HOLLYWOOD LEGEND" "Bruce Willis" which formed a long term freindship. Christy was now firmly in the spotlight and invitations for Music Videos and Television Apperances started flooding in.

Some career highlights for Christy was being invited to Tokyo for a television show called "Move" produced by TBS "Tokyo Broadcasting Station". Other televison apperances include "Water Rats", " The Life Story of Johnny O'Keefe", the UK"S "Cold Feet" and some fun interviews with "Kerry Anne Kennerly". Christy's Music Video apperances include "Satelitte" By "Icehouse", "Now I Can Dance" by "Tina Arena" and who could forget "I love The Nightlife" from the Smash Hit Movie "Priscilla Queen Of The Desert".

With the birth of "Priscilla", writer and director "Stephen Elliot" asked Christy to produce a show to entertain guests at the "Australian Premiere" of the film, Christy bought together some of Australia's finest transsexual's to create "The Original Priscilla Show". The show was an overnight success with the media claiming it to be " The Show Of The Nineties". "The Priscilla Show" embarked on a national Club and Casino tour and in 1997 was nominated for a "Mo Award".

Becomming MC for "Bad Girls Australia" (sister show to the famous) "Manpower Australia" this show was Australia's leading female strip revue featuring "Penthouse Pets" Christy was yet again a tour, this time a world tour, the tour ended in "Las Vegas" where Christy was invited to perform her "Cher" impersonation in a season at "The Riveria Casino" .

Being a part of "The 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Ceremony" will always leave a magical impression on Christy.

In 2011 Christy was inducted in the "Diva Hall Of Fame" these days Christy is travelling the club circuit with her "Gypsy" show!

During Christy's performance she Sings, Dances, Impersonates and tells some very interesting and sometime's hysterical stories about her travels around the globe. The Gypsy production is set in front of a huge LCD screen that captures the journey and stories being told on stage. Audience parcipation is never a drag when Christy's on stage.

Some highlight's of the Gypsy show include songs like "These Boots Are Made For Walking" "Fever" " I Am What I Am" "Halo" a moving tribute to entertainer's that have passed on. A uncanny parody of "Cher" that will have audiences singing and dancing along. Christy's acting and performing career is played on the big screen during her show. With a stunning array of costumes and finery, Christy promises audience's a fun night out, whether your 18 or 80 there's something here for everyone!! A colourful, musical, journey down memory lane!!


Gypsy is presented in two forty minute sets, with a thirty minute intermission. Where in-house production, such as lighting,sound and video screen is unavailble, technical ouside hire can be arranged while booking the Gypsy show.

Gypsy is based in Sydney and is available to travel. Costs such as travel,accomadation will be supplied by the venue outside of Sydney's CBD, this can be arranged with venue when booking the act. The cost to book Gypsy can be discussed when arranging the booking.


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